Chad Blackman



Chad Blackman is a British trained International Trade Law Specialist and is Senior Partner/ International Trade Advisor at Global Partners International (GPI) where he is the firm’s lead on the General Data Protection Regulation.

He has served in various capacities over the last fifteen years in international development. This includes being Barbados’ former Youth Ambassador to CARICOM, and the Commonwealth respectively, and former member of the Africa Caribbean Pacific (ACP)/ European Union (EU) Civil Society in Barbados.

He has worked as a Development Consultant for the Commonwealth Secretariat and is a consulting attorney to the international law firm, FRANHENDY Attorneys. He studied for the LLB Law and LLM International Trade Law at the University of Essex in the United Kingdom.
Chad specializes in International Trade and WTO Law, EU Law, Shipping Law and Intellectual Property Law and is an Advisor of the Commonwealth Africa Global Initiative.

Chad speaks both French and Spanish.
He has been appointed as Barbados’ Permanent Representative-designate to the World Trade Organization and United Nations in Geneva and will commence his Ambassadorship in Switzerland on October 1,2018

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